Recycling Fashion

You can take an old shirt and turn it into a new dress. You can buy a costume and then redecorate it. You can take a bunch of new fabric and sew it on to an old dress so it looks better and newer. Or, you could take some old jeans, and then turn them into shorts. And, lots of designers use cool designs with actual recycling. Check out this dress made of all newspaper:

This is a cool dress that we found made of newspaper!
This is a cool dress that we found made of newspaper!

That was how you could recycle fashion.




New Designs

Sorry it's a little blurry,they're better in real life. Sorry it’s a little blurry,they’re better in real life.

Hey guys! Today we will show you some of our new designs. And keep your eyes pealed for our models wearing them! We’ll be making the dresses soon. You may not be able to see them very well, because our camera is broken and we have to use the computer to take pictures. Well, that’s it for today! Bye!


The Writers

Feel it

Hi! Today we’re telling you about feeling the outfit that you’re wearing. Smile! Be happy! Wear the outfits that you like and want. Have fun wearing them. Feel great while strutting down the catwalk. Find the way you like to wear things. But remember, go with the clothes. That DOSN’T mean to dye your hair purple while wearing purple pants. It means you have to just, go with the flow, as in getting different expressions on your face, depending on the clothes you wear. But if you’re not confident, it won’t be fun, and that will just NOT be going with the flow. So always have confidence, and find your style and the way you wear it.

Love, The Writers

Give them beauty. The camera loves it!!
Give them beauty. The camera loves it!!

P.S. Different expressions and different gestures always work!

Fun Beauty treatments

Here are some fun beauty treatments that are very simple and relaxing! So, the first one is The Cherry Juice Treatment. First, you take some cherries, and a plastic cup. Squeeze the cherries and put all the juice into the cup. Take a paintbrush and spread the cherry juice across your hands. This opens up your pores and rejuvenates your skin. Try this with plum juice, too! The second one is The Water Treatment. Take a wet face cloth, fold it, and lay it on your forehead. But try to hold your eyelashes down with the cloth. Keep it there for three minutes, and when you’re done, your eyelashes have naturally curled! (but with a little help!) This last one is called The Soft Treatment. Take some lotion, aloe, or coconut butter, and spread it across your face (this helps with sunburns, too). After five minutes, put water over the lotion. Wait for one minute, and then wipe it off your face. That will have rejuvenated your skin and strengthened it. Hope you Like it!


Ashlyn and Quinn

From other Countries

Hi! Today we’re gonna help you with your problems with dressing up for other countries. To dress up for something like a hawaiian luau, you don’t exactly have to have a grass skirt and coconut shells. Just wear something normal, like a maxi dress. To wear Chinese clothes , try to find some traditional Chinese garb. If not, wear a button down dress instead! For wearing African clothes, try to wear long, flowing dresses with cool designs.And with Mexican clothes, wear cute dresses with puffy sleeves and accessorize with skulls.  We hope this helps you!



Be sure to wear a lei!
Be sure to wear a lei!

Slumber party problems

Hey guys! Ashlyn here! We got a comment from KittenLover133 saying that she didn’t know what to wear for a slumber party. Well, we’ve got the answers for you. For starters, you should put on something like a lace-top with a cute skirt. Or maybe an undershirt with a loose but cute top over it.  Make sure to bring three pairs of clothes with you. For shoes, you should maybe wear flats. And, we’ll give you some advice for other things to pack. Here’s a list:

  • A toothbrush and toothpaste (duh!).
  • Some lotion and hand-sanitizer.
  • A flashlight.
  • A movie DVD (Just in case).
  • Some fun games.
  • A sleeping bag.
  • Some paper and a pencil.
  • A good book.
  • A hairbrush.
  • Some nail polish.

We hope this list helps you, and more people with the same question. Thanks!

Hope you have as much fun as these little girls do.
Hope you have as much fun as these little girls do.