Fun Beauty treatments

Here are some fun beauty treatments that are very simple and relaxing! So, the first one is The Cherry Juice Treatment. First, you take some cherries, and a plastic cup. Squeeze the cherries and put all the juice into the cup. Take a paintbrush and spread the cherry juice across your hands. This opens up your pores and rejuvenates your skin. Try this with plum juice, too! The second one is The Water Treatment. Take a wet face cloth, fold it, and lay it on your forehead. But try to hold your eyelashes down with the cloth. Keep it there for three minutes, and when you’re done, your eyelashes have naturally curled! (but with a little help!) This last one is called The Soft Treatment. Take some lotion, aloe, or coconut butter, and spread it across your face (this helps with sunburns, too). After five minutes, put water over the lotion. Wait for one minute, and then wipe it off your face. That will have rejuvenated your skin and strengthened it. Hope you Like it!


Ashlyn and Quinn


11 thoughts on “Fun Beauty treatments

  1. Ok, your posts are the best! I love them so much, please keep on posting! They help me with so many fashion problems and more. I think you are great at giving advice. Not to be choosy, but I kind of like Ashlyn the best.

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  2. Hello I am Emmryz Florr and I love your fashion and style. I have to say you and your girls look very chique. I am French and I am thinking that you are the most fabu group of Ladies I’ve met. Meet with me sometime. I love your website.

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  3. Me (Quinn) and Ashlyn have been using something called Polyvore . It’s this app that gives you pictures of pretty much anything and you collage things to match. You can also look at my Polyvore collages if you search on this blog : midnight kiss, falling in love with fall fashion , October, up town punk. They are all on this blog. You can get the Polyvore app in the App Store. My username in Polyvore is cmonty.


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