Perfect ponytails. You rarely see such a simple look anymore in high-fashion ensembles. But here at RI Couture, we love putting our hair up at almost any occasion. For some people, it’s hard to make the perfect ponytail. Usually, it involves a lot of fly-aways, or restarting over and over, but we’ve got some tips for you guys to help you with your ponytails.With the high ponytail, it usually depends on how high you want it. if you want it on the very top of your head, just simply gather all of your hair onto the top of your head. if you want it to be semi-high, then grab a small piece of your hair, and hold it at the spot where you want to start your ponytail. Then, just add the rest of your hair into it and create your ponytail! For the low ponytail, it’s pretty simple, just gather all your hair at the bottom of you head and make your ponytail. But remember; unless you want a messy ponytail, make sure your hair is brushed or neat. We hope this post helped you and others! Please like this post or follow our blog!


The writers

Here are some pics of our perfect ponytails!
P.S. This is one of our first posts in a long time not using Polyvore, so we hope you like this post as much as you have with the other posts!

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